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Roof Deck Community Agreements

We are thrilled to open the roof deck! It is a terrific amenity to be shared by all in the community. The roof replacement project was a massive undertaking, and with its completion we have secured the safety and longevity of our building and created a welcoming outdoor space.

To make the most of this communal asset, the following agreements have been developed by community residents and the Board. We welcome any feedback. Please share it with Devlyn Deitrick at First Residential Service.

An Inviting Space

With over 130 residents, let’s ensure a pleasurable experience for all—every time. Enjoy the space and leave it cleaner than you found it. Remove personal items each time; nothing may be stored on the roof deck.

A Safe and Welcoming Space

For safety’s sake, we must prohibit cooking, fires, smoking, and open flames. Similarly, a no-pet policy ensures that all residents feel welcome. The roof surface beyond the deck is off-limits. Any and all activity is confined to the roof deck only.

A Neighborly Space

As a multi-use communal space, being mindful of others is paramount. The furniture placement offers a variety of socializing opportunities. If you need to move a piece temporarily, return it to its home when finished. Roof deck WiFi (coming soon) will provide connection to friends, work and media. An upcoming reservation system will be available for the large table during peak season. Maintaining a low volume level for any media is appreciated. Quiet hours are between 11pm and 8am to respect the tranquility of top floor residents.



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