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Roof Deck OPEN!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to enjoy the new roof deck amenity at Beaux Arts Lofts opening this Friday, May 27th - just in time for the holiday weekend. After many years of planning, 1+ years of construction, a challenging roof replacement project, a pandemic and supply chain issues - we are finally here. Woo hoo! Please click here for pics: Please enjoy the new deck and share comments with us as you get to know it. The BAL Board along with FSR, Aegis, M Architects and W.S. Cumby are proud of the community-driven result, and we extend our thanks to all of these groups for their tireless work to make this happen. Please be sure to mark Monday, June 27th for our annual meeting and official roof deck opening celebration! Also a reminder that we are currently accepting nominations for BAL Board Members. Please contact FSR if you are interested in volunteering. A few important notes on the current status and the future:

  • We still have a few things to finish up, so please be patient. The rope lighting along the guard rail will be concealed in a “J channel” to create a nice glow. Paint will be touched up and additional lighting will be added under the main pergola.

  • The current furniture set was ordered in January and painstakingly put together by your volunteer board of directors. Brava! Please know that planters and chaise lounges are on the way and expected by the end of June

  • Wi-fi on the roof is coming, but not available yet. Stay tuned for updates on that.

  • Please note: the new decking is highly prone to static charges and you will get a tiny shock upon touching anything metal. This is normal and completely harmless.

A few important policy changes and upcoming systems:

  • Please see the attached (and pasted below) Rooftop Agreements, designed by our Vision Committee and approved by the board. We feel these guidelines are important to create a functional shared space. We look forward to your feedback. Thanks to our stellar Vision Committee for this and other upcoming contributions.

  • A reservation system is in the works and will be deployed soon to allow residents to book the large north side table only. We recognize this is important as the new space is perfect for entertaining, social gatherings, dinners and more and we want to ensure confidence in securing it while maintaining flexibility and access for all residents. More on that coming soon.

  • Planters and plants are on order, and we welcome your feedback on that. We expect to build a community herb garden as well as have planters professional set with the expectation that our community will guide and maintain that for years to come. If you are interested in the gardening committee, please let us know!

  • During this initial phase, please be patient, flexible and open to changes as we navigate this exciting new amenity and important hub for our community. We truly want this to be the gem of our building for all, and look forward to co-creating that beautiful future with you!

We welcome your feedback! Please share suggestions and discoveries with us at


An Inviting Space With over 130 residents, let’s ensure a pleasurable experience for all—every time. Enjoy the space and leave it cleaner than you found it. Remove personal items each time; nothing may be stored on the roof deck. A Safe and Welcoming Space For safety’s sake, we must prohibit cooking, fires, smoking, and open flames. Similarly, a no-pet policy ensures that all residents feel welcome. The roof surface beyond the deck is off-limits. Any and all activity is confined to the roof deck only. A Neighborly Space As a multi-use communal space, being mindful of others is paramount. The furniture placement offers a variety of socializing opportunities. If you need to move a piece temporarily, return it to its home when finished. Roof deck WiFi will provide connection to friends, work and media. An upcoming reservation system will be available for the large table during peak season. Maintaining a low volume level for any media is appreciated. Quiet hours are between 11pm and 8am to respect the tranquility of top floor residents.


1 Comment

May 24, 2022

Well done everyone! It looks great. Can't wait to enjoy the sun again.

I noticed the access to the air conditioning units has a lock on it, I'm in the process of scheduling a service call, I wonder how we get a key for authorized service personnel only, natch!

Ben P.

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