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HVAC Assessment Schedule

Starting Monday March 15th, at approximately 9:30am each day, crews from both the roofing contractor and the mechanical contractor will begin their survey. This work is difficult to schedule exact appointments, but we wanted to give you the best time frame to be available. Below is a rough schedule of the survey which may change depending on how the survey progresses. For each date listed below, crews will start at 9:30am with the first unit. Each unit survey will take approximately two hours. If your unit is listed first on any date below, assume you have a 9:30am start; the next appointment should be around 11:30am, and so on. This schedule is designed around the layout of your roof top condensers' locations on the roof. Scheduling in numerical order or by floor is not as efficient as this method. The proposed schedule is as follows:

March 15: 801, 802, 701, 702

March 16: 601, 602, 501, 502

March 17: 401, 402, 301, 302

March 18: 201, 202, 101, 102

March 19: 809, 810, 805, 806

March 22: 705, 706, 707, 708

March 23: 605, 606, 607, 608

March 24: 505, 506, 507, 508

March 25: 405, 406, 407, 408

March 26: 305, 306, 307, 308

March 29: 205, 206, 207, 208

March 30: 105, 106, 803, 804

March 31: 703, 704, 603, 604

April 1: 503, 504, 403, 404

April 2: 303, 304, 203, 204

April 5: 103, 104, 810

Reminders will be sent as the survey progresses and any changes in schedules will be disclosed with as much advance notice as possible. Please do your best to either be available on your assigned day or make arrangements with a neighbor to allow the crews to gain access.

Any personnel from the contractors involved in the project will have proper PPE and are trained on COVID-19 procedures and guidelines. They will have identifying badges, below is their names and corresponding company:

Rick Uerk, Owner of Buck Hunter Mechanical

Troy Martin, Technician, Buck Hunter Mechanical

Ray Gremlick, Technician, Buck Hunter Mechanical

John Biasini, Project Manager from Aetna Roofing

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns. Due to the short notice, we may attempt to alert you and access your unit a day before or after. If you cannot make your time slot work, we will work with you to accommodate your schedule during the overall work plan. We greatly appreciate everyone's cooperation during this project.



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